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The Doodle Champs Soundtrack is OUT NOW!

That's right! And you can listen to it or download it for free right HERE!

It might seem unconventional to release a video game soundtrack before the game itself is out, but here's a few reasons why I released the OST ahead of time:

1. Doodle Champs is a chilled out art game.

From the very start of development "doodlers and artists" of all skill levels have been my focus as our target audience. You're probably familiar with the "lo-fi beats to study/work/relax to", and one of my goals with this soundtrack was to capture that vibe. I want Doodle Champs to feel like a place you can go to chill out too. One of the great things about those "lo-fi beats" playlists or 24/7 livestreams is that you're free to listen to them whenever you want to - and I'd like to contribute to that! So whether you're studying, drawing or just relaxing, I hope you'll enjoy 13 free chilled out tracks, on us!

2. I quite like it to be honest...

Yeah, that's right.. I'll admit it.. I do actually like the Doodle Champs Soundtrack... Cassie White did an incredible job as the composer. She was given various prompts, vibes, points of inspiration and suggestions for how to make each track appropriate for the game mode it'd appear in, and she nailed it. I'm very happy with the unique feeling this soundtrack has, and after hearing the complete OST, I wanted nothing more than to share it with the world as soon as possible, and bless your ears with it too.

3. It's FREE!

What, ya don't like free music? Too good for us are ya? Well if you really feel that way you can check out Cassie's Bandcamp here. If you like the soundtrack a lot you can even "name your price" and download the OST for any price you so desire, kind champ.

Thanks for reading about the Doodle Champs soundtrack. I had a brilliant experience working with Cassie on this and couldn't be happier with how the OST came out. You can check out her socials and links below:

Cassie's Twitter

Full Doodle Champs OST playlist

Cassie's Bandcamp

Thanks for reading! Gameplay footage is coming soon. Stay tuned.

- AlexSquid [Game Director | Artist]

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