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Website & Steam Store Page Launch!

Welcome to!

The official Doodle Champs website and Steam Store page are now online! This means players can now show interest by adding the game to their Steam Wishlist!

Please take a look around the website. Check out the about section to learn all about the four different game modes in the game, Doodle Dash, Canvas Crew, Pencil Pushers, and Art Assembly, as well as some of the many special features we've been working on.

I'm really happy to finally be able to share some screenshots of the game. I've been working on it since February 2021, so it's an amazing feeling to get them out into the world. I hope you enjoy browsing the website! Please check back every now and then, as I keep updating the website with new information, screenshots, and gameplay!

Follow Squid Rock Games on Twitter for frequent updates, and hopefully soon enough a trailer drop. Thanks for checking out the blog!

- AlexSquid [Game Director | Artist]

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