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Welcome to the Doodle Champs Blog!

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Squid Rock Games is a tiny UK based indie-dev studio, currently made up of only three people. We've been working non-stop since March 2021 to create the ultimate party game for artists and doodlers alike!

The game is entirely self-funded and we're working our hardest to get the game out at a reasonable pace, ensuring that we have healthy working conditions and no crunch.

The game is planned to release on Steam first, early 2022, or before then if possible. If Doodle Champs is a success on the Steam platform, we'd love to expand to mobile platforms such as Android and iOS devices as well as your other favourite PC gaming platforms.

Please check out the Doodle Champs Steam Store Page once it's been released publicly. There you'll find plenty of screenshots and information about the game, as well as the ability to WISHLIST the game on Steam! - Please show your interest in Doodle Champs by adding the game to your steam wishlist.

Thanks for reading our first blog post. Stay tuned for all things Doodle Champs!

- AlexSquid [Game Director | Artist]

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