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Doodle Champs is the ULTIMATE party game for artists and doodlers alike!

So ya wanna know about Doodle Champs?


Doodle Dash! is the main game mode of Doodle Champs! Draw funny randomly generated prompts with a fully customisable time limit! Award and earn medals to your friend's creations. You can save and post your creations online or straight to your device! (1-4 players)


Featuring CHAOS MODE! When you activate this special game modifier it allows you to fire inky "CHAOS ITEMS" directly onto your friends' canvases!


Boogers, Bombs, Bird Plop, Bees, and the almighty OctoSquid are all items that you and your friends will use to sabotage each other's drawings! - Watch out!


in Canvas Crew there's no rules, no prompts, no nothin'! - Enjoy some chill drawin' time with ya pals. Draw together on a single online canvas with your friends! Collaborate on one special masterpiece or just enjoy your friends' creations LIVE as you all doodle on one shared canvas.

(1-4 players)


Don't forget Art Assembly! Artists assemble! Work together as a team to create the ultimate being as each player draws a different body part. You can also create your "masterpiece" solo. At the end of the round your creation is assembled before your feeble mortal eyes!

(1-4 players)

Art Assembly - Doodle Champs Gameplay Screenshot

There's a bunch of creative prompts to choose from, Robot, Alien, Sea Monster, Zombie, Wizard & more! Don't feel like using a prompt? You can turn of prompts and let your friends go wild with their creations. The arms of a monkey.. the legs of an accountant.. what monstrosities will you create?    ..was this mode a mistake?

Art Assembly - Doodle Champs Gameplay Screenshot
Pencil Pushers - Doodle Champs Gameplay Screenshot
Pencil Pushers - Doodle Champs Gameplay Screenshot

You and your friends are a bunch'a Pencil Pushers! So get to work! Draw and pitch a new and exciting product to your friends based on a prompt! Will they BUY it or FRY it (2-4 players)


After you've drawn a product that solves your client's problem, you'll have to pitch your product to your friends! Hopefully ya get enough votes to convince the BOSSMAN to buy it... That guy's got a temper.

There's always more clients, so hurry up! Get workin' and earn some DoodleBux!


Saving your art! - in Doodle Champs you can save your art straight to your device. You can choose to save with or without a background. Saving without a background is a great feature for artists who want to spend even more time adding to their artwork in other software after they're done playing!

Pen Test Zone - Doodle Champs Gameplay Screenshot

The Pen Test Zone is a feature we designed to ensure that Doodle Champs can be customised to feel good with as many drawing tablet devices as possible. Here you'll be able to adjust the 'pen pressure', which dictates how hard you have to press down to get thick lines. By adjusting the pressure you can find the perfect fit for your drawing tablet!

Save with or without a background!
Save with or without a background!

Speakin' of Backgrounds.. There's a whole range of awesome textured backgrounds you can choose from, no matter what game mode you're playing! Gotta personalise that canvas!


Achievement hunters welcome! Doodle Champs will have a whole bunch of fun achievements to collect. Will you unlock them all?

Doodle Champs - Steam Achievements

...More feature demos coming soon!

And finally, let's introduce the Doodle Champs Dev Crew!

Not that it'll take long... There's only 3 of us!

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